why buy with jMR

JMichaels Realty is a modern agency designed to server clients better and close deals faster. Our Lead Agents are local
experts teamed up with marketing and transaction specialists. Our Exclusive Buyers benefit in various ways:


Our Lead Agents are local. Benefit from their market knowledge, network, and resources.


Lead Agents are backed by a group that is focussed on helping you each step of the way until closing.


We use the latest software to expedite the selling process and efficiently serve you.


Listings get advertised…Why not Buyers? Our Lead Agents are forward thinking and will go above and beyond for you.

On Your Side

Our Lead Agents will never pressure you to buy. When we find you “the one”, our Lead Agents will help you make the best offer.

Save on Closings

If a Lead Agent finds you a direct residential seller, you can potentially receive a Buyer’s Rebate!

steps to buying

Your Lead Agent will explain the home buying process to you in depth during your consultation and be by your side each step of the way.

Client to Contract

Step 1:
Hire JMichaels Realty

Step 2:
Get Pre-Approved

Did you know there’s a difference between prequalified and preapproved? Find out before you start spending valuable time and money on your purchase.

Step 3:
Build Your Team

Legal, Inspector, Title… Don’t know anyone? We’ll refer up to 3 real estate professionals with competitive rates.

Step 4:

Finding a home can be tough. At JMR we search
multiple listing sources and even market our
Exclusive Buyers to sellers.

Step 5:
Offer & Acceptance

Review comparable properties and determine a price with your agent. Quickly sign and submit offers with JMR’s paperless transaction software.

Step 6:
Attorney Review

At this stage, either party can disapprove of the contract and render it null and void. If the contract is not disapproved within the attorney review period, you are bound by the contract as written.

Contract to Close

Step 7:
Under Contract

You’re now bound by the contract, but there are
several key contingencies remaining.

Step 8:

Home, Radon, Termite, Oil Tank, plus more items to inspect… Not to worry, JMR’s transaction specialist has a checklist for everything you need to account for during inspection and contract.

Step 9:

JMichaels Realty will coordinate a home valuation between your lender and the seller.

Step 10:

Title insurance protects buyers and lenders against any property loss or damage they might experience because of liens, encumbrances, or defects in the title to the property.

Step 11:

Surveys are an assessment of property lines to determine the exact amount of land that a property owner owns. Surveys show any potential easements or encroachments.

Step 12:
Loan Commitment

Buyers (also known as a “borrower”) receives a letter from their mortgage lender stating they’ve passed their underwriting guidelines and that they are willing to offer the borrower a home loan.

You're on the home stretch!

Step 13:
Coordinate Moving

Mail forwarding, movers, junk…JMR knows how stressful moving can be. We’re prepared to help you smoothly move into your new home.

Step 14:

Walk-through the property before closing and make sure its in the same condition. Review closing statements with your attorney, sign, and grab your new keys

Step 15:
Move In

Move into your brand new home!

closing costs

Closing Costs vary client­-to-­client. We’re prepared to guide our clients in finding competitive rates without compromising the quality of service.







Ask JMR about seller concessions and buyer rebates. Find out how you can save on closing costs. Contact JMR

what i can afford

Before looking at homes its important to assess your current financials and manage expectations. Use the home
affordability calculator to determine what price range you can afford. Provide details about your income, monthly debt,
and down payment to find a home within your budget.

Affordability Calculator

Monthly Gross Income $
Monthly Debt Expenses [?] $
Down Payment: $
Interest Rate: %
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