Why List with JMR

JMichaels Realty is a modern agency designed to server clients better and close deals faster. Our Lead Agents are local
experts teamed up with marketing and transaction specialists. Our Exclusive Listings benefit in various ways:


Our Lead Agents are local. Their market knowledge and negotiation skills could help you net more.


Lead Agents are backed by a group that is focussed on helping you each step of the way until closing.


We use the latest software to expedite the selling process and efficiently serve you.


We have access to information that could potentially locate buyers for your property.

Save on Closings

If a Lead Agent finds you a direct residential buyer, you can potentially save on commission.


Our positioning and marketing strategy maximizes exposure so your property will appear on top searched real estate
sites, social media feeds, and at the forefront of real estate agents.
Social Media
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Appealing Ad Remarks
Get a free consultation today and start your home selling journey with JMR!
Multiple listing

Get a free consultation today and start your home selling journey with JMR!


Your Lead Agent will explain the home selling process to you in depth during your consultation and be by your side each step of the way.

Client to Contract

Step 1:
Hire JMichaels Realty

Step 2:

JMichaels Realty will provide a “CMA” (Comparative Market Analysis) and determine the value of your property. We will also help you figure out your net proceeds after closing costs.

Step 3:
Build Your Team

Legal, Inspector, Title… Don’t know anyone? We’ll refer as many as 3 real estate professionals with competitive rates.

Step 4:

JMR will spend quality time preparing the sale of your home then pre-­market it. Our agents will position and market your property so you can sell it for the most in the least amount of time.

Step 5:
Schedule Showings

We utilize scheduling technology to conveniently coordinate viewings with buyers, sellers, and agents.

Step 6:
Acceptance & Attorney Review

Conveniently accept an offer anywhere, anytime with JMR’s paperless transaction software. Once an offer is signed by both parties we will enter the “attorney review” stage.

Contract to Close

Step 7:
Under Contract

Attorney review is complete. You’re now bound by the contract, but there are several key contingencies remaining

Step 8:

The Buyer is going to hire someone to perform an elaborative inspection of your property… Not to worry, JMR’s transaction specialist is prepared to guide and assist you through this process.

Step 9:

JMichaels Realty will coordinate a home valuation between you and the buyer’s lender.

Step 10:

Buyer will conduct a search for liens, encumbrances, or defects in the title of the property.

Step 11:
Municipal Certficates

Sellers are responsible for obtaining Certificates of Continued Occupancy and potentially other required municipal related certificates before selling their home.

Step 12:
Loan Commitment

The buyer (also known as a “borrower”) has passed their underwriting guidelines and are obtaining a home loan.

You're on the home stretch!

Step 13:
Coordinate Moving

Mail forwarding, movers, storage, junk…JMR knows how stressful moving can be. We’re prepared to help you smoothly move into your new home

Step 14:

Walk-­through the property before closing and make sure its in the same condition. Review closing statements with your attorney, sign, and grab your new keys

Step 15:
Move Out & In

Move into your brand new home!


Closing Costs vary client-­to­-client. We’re available to help you better understand your situation and figure out when is the right time to sell.

Mortgage Payoffs


Transfer Fees



Ask JMR about how you can save on closing costs. Contact JMR.

my homes value

Before deciding to sell your property you need to get the facts in perspective. First, you need to find out your property’s
value. Then you need to deduct closing costs and determine your net proceeds. Is that enough for you to buy a new
home or take the next step in your life?

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